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Eastside Motor Company
721 Market St
Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-2678



Best experience for purchasing a vehicle across the states. Corey was very professional and helpful from start to finish.  Sent pictures and video of the car to my cell, helping us with all transactions to get the car delivered. Definitely would recommend Eastside Motor co.

Mikes Pump Service Michigan

I called and spoke with Corey on the phone. He was straight forward and very professional. So I proceeded with purchasing a vehicle for my daughter. I brought her with me and he made us feel very relaxed during the whole transaction. I had a trade -in and he met my expectations in every aspect. I felt like he was honest and trustworthy and had the perfect car for us. My daughter has a memory now that she will carry with her the rest of her life. Her first exciting experience  buying a car was made possible because of Corey. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Michael G

I am very satisfied with the customer service and SUV I purchased recently. Super clean vehicle for its age. Works like a charm. Come and talk to the crew if your in the market for used wheels, I will! M Klingel

The service and honesty will keep us coming back if we are ever in the market for another vehicle. We drove over 100 miles to see this truck and it was everything Corey portrayed it to be and then some thank you for a wonderful car buying experience. Would we drive 100 miles each way to buy from you again YES!!!----Juli Cole

Being a local professional, I have known Corey for close to 20 years.  He always treated me well when he managed Big O tires and now as manager of Eastside Motor Company, I have not only bought two vehicles from him, he has sold a truck for me as well.  Corey is trustworthy and super solid.  He will tell you like it is and is a straight shooter.  I appreciate his relaxed and down to earth personality when dealing with me.  He is brings a great attitude and ethics to the car buyer world.  Give Corey a call or stop by his dealership on Market!

 Thomas B

Ken Thompson here. Thank you for the deal on the '99 GEO Prizm LSi. I changed the oil and filter to Amsoil. It now has about
1300 miles and still looks clean and down about one forth of an inch. One fillup, it got 36 mpg. Just wanted to share my appreciation.
Sincerely, Ken Thompson

Aug 2012

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon East Side Motors when I was shopping for a Honda Element in August of 2012. I'd just come off the gauntlet of dusty car lots on Rt. 99 and was feeling victimized by the whole user car dealer scene. Which is why East Side Motors seemed like an oasis. The Element was is perfect shape, totally presentable and price to buy. Corey handed me the keys, I gave him the keys of my would-be trade in and off I headed up Market Street to test the SUV I would shortly buy. Corey was laid back, not pushy, seemed to size me up fairly well, talked straight with me and ultimately was very easy to work with. I got a fair trade in, a great car, a fair price and left feeling like I wish I needed another car to buy. I'd go there again. Thanks Cory.

Ben Thomas

Review on 11-11-11

I just moved back to the United States and needed to get a car. I didn't want a huge payment or pay a lot of money out, so I stayed away from the big dealers, i.e. Ford. I tried a few private dealers, but found there prices to high. Thus, while taking the bus one day I saw Eastside Motors in Kirkland. So, I decided to stop and see what they had.

I, like the previous review from Denise K, had a superb experience. The sales person that assisted me was Cory, who was not like your typical car sales person. When I stepped on the lot he greeted me and advised if I had any question to feel free to grab him. He didn't come up to me at start hounded me with questions. This was nice. It allowed me to walk the lot and actually look at the vehicles without having some guy breathing down my neck trying to tell me why this car is the best car for me. It also gave me a chance to think and develop some questions. When I found a car I like I let Cory know, went for a test drive, and then made the purchase. It took a few days to get the financing and some other personal things came up. But Cory was very understanding.

As for the car... I was a bit worried about buying a used car. Eastside Motors is not a huge lot. It is small with about 30 cars on it. I have done business with similar type lots in the past and have been burned on the car. So I wasn't sure if the car I was about to buy was recently pulled from Lake Washington or had some major engine problems. Anyway, I took the car into the auto shop and got a clean bill of health on it. The only problem found was a worn out Serpentine tensioner and belt.  

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, I'd highly recommend Eastside Motors.

PS - The cars are incredibly clean. I don't know how they do it, but I am very surprised at the cleanliness of the  cars on the lot.

Eastside Motor Company

721 Market St
Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-2678